Thai Massage FAQs

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Origins Thai Spa FAQs

What type of clothing do i wear for Thai massage?

You will remain fully clothed for a Thai massage, so you should wear clothing that is comfortable and can stretch easily. We also have clothing that you can wear during your massage.

Thai massage is it painful?

Thai massage can be manipulated to suit each client. You can request that your therapist use soft or deep pressure. The massage therapist will also watch each client’s reaction to deep pressure, and will make adjustments accordingly. However, if your body isn’t used to stretching or acupressure, there can be some soreness after your massage. When the soreness subsides the next day, you will feel great and feel less tension.

How long should I get That massage?

At Origins Thai Spa, we offer massages lasting 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 120 minutes. We typically recommend a 90-minute massage. This will allow the client relaxation time, and will give the therapist time to concentrate on problem areas. We want you to have the best massage experience, and we believe you will achieve the best experience if you’re not rushed.

Can I add gratuity on my credit card?

No, we cannot accept gratuities on a credit card. We do accept gratuities by cash or personal check.

What type of payments do you accept for massage treatments?

We accept Visa, Master Card or cash.

How often do you change sheets for Thai massage mattress?

Your health is very important to us, so we pay very close attention to cleanliness at the spa. We change all sheets, towels and pillow cases after each and every massage, and massage clothing is used just one time per client before being cleaned.

What I should expect after I get Thai massage?

You will losing up tesion and stiffness , get more flexible and feeling very good after get thai massage , but for the first time of the clients that get thai massage maybe have a little bit sore but no worry it will gone in next day

How often should I get massage?

This depends on your overall health and your body’s physical condition. After you receive your massage, the massage therapist will make recommendations regarding the frequency at which you should receive a massage and which areas should receive the most focus. Some clients should get a massage weekly or every other week to help alleviate pain or to focus on problem areas. But for those without a physical problem should get a massage at least once a month to decrease tension, stiffness, stress, and to prevent problems before they happen. There’s an old adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It is much easier for us to help you prevent a problem than it is for us to help you fix a problem. It’s never too soon to make change to benefit your health, including eating well, taking up some form of exercise, getting enough sleep, and getting a massage to keep you in good health.

I am pregnant. Can I get a massage in the 1st trimester?

The 1st trimester is the greatest risk for miscarriage. If you are having a normal pregnancy and are in good health, a massage may be okay. If you are one who is at high risk, and if you have previously had a miscarriage, then you should definitely speak to your doctor/obgyn to see if massage is right for you. If you are in good health and still have doubts, you should speak to your doctor/obgyn before getting a massage. A knowledgable, certified massage therapist knows to avoid certain pressure points that can stimulate labor, such as the back of the lower calf area on your legs and too much circular massage on the Abdominal massage should be avoided until 2nd trimester and no reflexology for 1st trimester.

Once you are in your second trimester you should no longer lie on your stomach Also, if you lie on your back you should have a small pillow or towel under your right hip/low back area to keep the pressure off of the vena cava–you do not want blood flow to the baby being disrupted. And No Deep Tissue! Otherwise–enjoy your massage

Is it safe to get massaged throughout your pregnancy?

Yes. If you are having a normal pregnancy and are in good health you can get massage throughout your pregnancy.

How often should pregnancy should get the massage?

Often that you want or you can afford… it have no limitation you can get it every day

What happen if I running late?

We will try the best to give you the most time service that we can , if the massage therapist don’t have next appointment , we will welcome to give you time , but if massage therapist have next appointment we need to penalty time and finish on time

If I get the massage for 60 minutes is the session complete 60 minutes, or it just 50 minutes, some spa they just start the clock when I walk to the door, time change, so total I just get massage like 45 minutes.

Our session offer complete 60 minutes and we try to give you massage complete 60 minutes massage and we are start clock when we are start massage , but we need to finish on time that mean you should to come early a little bit before time appointment like 5 -15 minutes for get change , relax or go restroom and start on time , you will get complete 60 minutes for massage

Do you offer couples massage?

Yes, we offer couples massage. Due to the special arrangements required for a couples massage, we cannot accept online appointments. Please call to ask for more information and to schedule an appointment for a couples massage.

Should I tip my massage therapist?

Our massage therapists aim to provide you with the highest quality massage treatments. Although gratuities are not required, they are greatly appreciated. The typical gratuity ranges from 15-20% of the price of the service.

Do you have a membership program?

Yes, we offer membership programs for patients who want to come on a regular basis. Our massage therapists will be happy to work out a treatment program for you. Not only do members receive a discount on the price of their massage, but they also receive guest passes for friends and family and a number of other special offers, so please speak to one of our massage therapists today to activate your membership.

Can I make an appointment online?

Absolutely. Booking online is our preferred method of booking. After you have booked an online appointment, you will receive an e-mail and phone call for confirming the appointment. If you have any questions before booking your appointment online, please feel free to call us at (703) 376-8711.