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  • Origins Thai Spa Essential Facial $125.00
  • 60 minutes Our Signature Facial is a luxurious and customized experience, incorporating Origins classic facial technique. Tailored specifically for your skin type and needs using the esteemed Dermalogica Products, this treatment will not only take you on a tranquilizingjourney, but will start your skin on a new path of health and restoration as well.
  • Acne-Clarifying Facial $135.00
  • 60 minutes A facial comprised of deep cleaning, exfoliation, and extractions, followed by moisturizing and massage improves skin clarity, reduces blemishes, and soothes inflammation.
  • Anti-aging Facial $135.00
  • 60 minutes The Anti-Aging Facial acts as a time-traveler, peeling years off your strained and tired face.
  • Back Facial $135.00
  • 60 minutes Help your skin glow from head to toe! A purifying and toning back facial performed with our excellent facial technique.
  • Gentleman’s Facial $125.00
  • 60 minutes A unique facial specially designed for men.
  • Origins Deluxe Facial $180.00
  • 90 minutes Indulge your inner goddess with our versatile and stress-relieving Deluxe Facial.
  • Sensitive Skin Facial $125.00
  • 60 minutes Hypoallergenic products, a delicate touch, and gentle procedures are key components of our Sensitive Skin Facial.