Indian Head Massage

You will fall head over heels for this profoundly relaxing massage. Warm coconut oil is applied to the head, scalp and hair for this massage which provides both a soothing and restorative effect. The massage therapist uses their hands, forearms and fingers to apply slow strokes over the scalp while rubbing, plucking and tapping the scalp and hair. This technique is performed in sequence for maximum stimulation. While this massage concentrates predominantly on the head, the client’s neck, shoulders and back are also stimulated during this massage to promote relaxation.

The primary benefits of Indian head massage include:

Relief of tension, headaches (migraines), and eye strain. Reducing insomnia Improving stiffness around neck, shoulder, and facial muscles Reducing fatigue Balancing the energy flow of the body

Minutes Price
30 $60
60 $109