Reflexology Massage

Reflexology is an ancient art of healing based on the principle that there are isolated pressure points in the feet, legs, hands and ears which correspond with specific zones in the human body. When these pressure points are stimulated through massage they send a message or wave of energy to various organs and systems within the body and promote optimal functioning. This technique can serve to improve circulation as well as addressing health issues related to specific organs and/or body systems. Reflexology recruits the entire body, both internally and externally, to relieve tension and promote well-being and relaxation. Therapists typically use their hands, fingers and thumbs to provide stimulation to pressure points.

Thai reflexology techniques are used upon request and incorporate the use of a tool made from wood which is used to apply pressure to the feet and glide over/through the legs and knees. Both techniques promote a holistic approach to massage therapy which benefits the client from the inside-out.

Minutes Price
30 $60
60 $109