Thai Euro Massage (Swedish Massage)

This massage is considered to be a “classic” massage wherein a combination of special oils and creams are used in conjunction with traditional Swedish massage therapy techniques to provide the ultimate soothing experience. Swedish massage is notorious for its proven health benefits such as improving poor circulation, reducing stress, reducing muscle pain and improving joint stiffness. Long, slow gliding strokes applied in the direction of the blood flowing towards the heart are used in this method to manipulate pressure throughout the entire body and have been noted to reduce blood pressure. This massage is perfect for the massage therapy novice. The soft to medium strokes are ideal for beginners who are new to the massage experience.

Swedish massage incorporates the use of 5 different styles of strokes which include:

Sliding/Gliding (Effleurage) Kneading (Petrissage) Rhythmic Tapping (Tapotement) Cross Fiber Friction and Vibration/Shaking

Minutes Price
30 $109
60 $149
90 $179