Thai-Euro Aromatherapy

This technique unites the rejuvenating experience of massage with the power of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy has endless physical and psychological benefits that promote overall health and well being. A combination of volatile plant and essential oils are used to incite a feeling of restfulness and well being. When inhaled, these essential oils stimulate brain function and arouse physiological response. The all natural oils are absorbed into the skin where they are passed along to the bloodstream and diffused through respiratory membranes contributing to improved circulation and respiratory functioning. Another added benefit of aromatherapy is the sedative effect of certain natural oils which soothe the mind and body and leave the client feeling calm and serene.

However, this massage is “made to order” and the oils used are client specific. Client may choose the oil of their choice or consult a massage therapist to determine the best combination for their needs. So, if you are looking to be revitalized and invigorated, we have a selection of essential oils which will stimulate your senses and give you that energized feeling you desire.

Minutes Price
30 $119
60 $159
90 $189